Mine BTC

Earn BTC second by second with NO FEES, directly on chain and just in just a few clicks. With the power of tokenization you can now own mining power (TH) and earn BTC, backed by real ASICs. Remember, whenever you are done mining, you can always sell your THs and get your investment back.

Stake DMINE earn BTC
Start mining BTC by staking your mining power (DMINE)
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BTC Earned

* There are no fees in the entire process. Every BTC earned comes from real mining operations.

My Assets
My Mining Power (TH):0.00
Antminer S19j Pro (Qty):0.00
Value in USDT:$0.00
Monthly Revenue:$0.00

* One ASIC Antminer S19J Pro is equivalent to 104 DMINE. 1 DMINE equals 1 TH of Bitcoin mining power.